If you’re considering dental implants, understanding the significance of selecting the right facility is crucial. Fort Collins, Colorado, not only boasts stunning landscapes but also houses premier establishments renowned for their expertise in implant dentistry. In this listicle, we’ve diligently researched and assembled a roster of the finest options in the region, each distinguished by its proficiency, cutting-edge technology, and outstanding patient services.

Hence, for both local residents and visitors, this guide aims to provide essential insights, aiding you in making a well-informed choice on your path to a brighter, healthier smile. Join us as we explore the realm of advanced oral health solutions and unveil the leading practices for dental implants in Fort Collins.

1. Denver Dentures and Implants

Denver Dentures and Implants logo.

Denver Dentures and Implants is passionately committed to improving the lives of those needing tooth replacements. We specialize in dentures, implants, and extractions, providing a level of know-how that surpasses other dental services. Our focused approach ensures the highest quality standards for each individual in these particular fields.

Moreover, our center includes an on-site lab, which is vital for ensuring individualized procedures. More specifically, this enables us to develop services that precisely match each unique requirement while also reducing costs and accelerating the process, making our services more attainable and swift.

Curious to learn more? Take a peek at some of the standout features we offer:

Snap-In Implant DenturesA cost-effective alternative to All-On-4 implants, these dentures assure impressive results.
Full and Partial DenturesWe provide a spectrum of full and partial dentures, with options for same-day service to ensure immediate comfort and fulfillment.
All-On-4 Full Mouth ImplantsA state-of-the-art treatment that swiftly replaces missing or significantly damaged teeth with fixed, permanent implant bridges, usually within just one day.
Single Tooth Implants and BridgesCustomized solutions for replacing single missing or impaired teeth, targeting specific dental regions.

Denver Dentures and Implants is more than a clinic; it’s a place where individuals can rediscover their confidence and enhance their quality of life through professional, empathetic service. 

So, are you ready for a change? Schedule a no-cost consultation with us today and begin your journey to a renewed smile with our skilled team.

2. Blue Sky Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Blue Sky Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery logo.

Led by board-certified surgeons Dr. David B. Thurgood and Dr. Michael E. Bingham, Blue Sky Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery offers a comprehensive array of oral procedures, emphasizing implant dentistry. Their philosophy centers on creating replacement teeth that replicate the natural look, feel, and function. 

The facility is outfitted with modern implant technology, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their treatments. Moreover, Blue Sky Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery provides a variety of prosthetic options, such as individual crowns, fixed bridges, and full prostheses, customized to meet each patient’s unique requirements. 

  • Email Address: N/A
  • Website: https://www.blueskyoms.com/
  • Phone Number: +1 (970) 498-0196
  • Address: 4609 S. Timberline Road, Suite 104B, Fort Collins, CO 80528, USA
  • Specialization: Implant Anchored Dentures, Jaw Surgery, Sleep Apnea

3. Spring Creek Dental

Spring Creek Dental logo.

Led by Dr. Lindsey Cosper and Dr. Joel R. Kaines, Spring Creek Dental excels in durable and aesthetically pleasing implants. Their focus is on delivering solutions that effectively replace missing teeth, enhancing both functionality and appearance. 

The practice is known for its inviting and comfortable office setting, which plays a crucial role in ensuring a relaxed experience for patients. Additionally, for new adult patients, Spring Creek Dental conducts a comprehensive initial exam and a full set of X-rays before scheduling a hygiene appointment.

  • Email Address: springcreekdds@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.mydentistfortcollins.com/
  • Phone Number: +1 (970) 482-8883
  • Address: 2001 S Shields St Bldg C1, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA
  • Specialization: Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign, Restorative Treatment

4. Centre Family Dentistry

Centre Family Dentistry logo.

Centre Family Dentistry, operated by Dr. Jordan Humbert and Dr. Joe Horst, specializes in a wide range of services, with an emphasis on implant dentistry, including the advanced All-on-4 procedure. This technique is tailored to address extensive tooth loss, offering stable and enduring solutions for patients. 

The practice is outfitted with modern technology, notably 3-D cone beam imaging, which significantly improves the accuracy and effectiveness of implant procedures. Simply, the combination of their professional expertise, advanced technological resources, and dedication to patient care and safety establishes them as a notable dental provider in the Fort Collins region.

  • Email Address: N/A
  • Website: https://fortcollinsdentist.com/
  • Phone Number: +1 (970) 407-1001
  • Address: 11001 Centre Avenue, Unit A, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA
  • Specialization: Emergency Dentistry, Porcelain Veneers, Root Canals

5. Five Star Dental FC

Five Star Dental FC logo.

Five Star Dental FC provides a blend of general dental care and advanced implant services. The team of skilled professionals at this clinic focuses on creating personalized treatment plans tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Equipped with the latest dental technologies (e.g., Digital X-rays, Intraoral cameras), they ensure high-quality care across all services.

Furthermore, to enhance accessibility, Five Star Dental FC extends various specials and promotions, including complimentary consultations for crowns and comprehensive dental exams with X-rays. This approach also makes dental services more affordable.

  • Email Address: N/A
  • Website: https://fivestardentalfc.com/
  • Phone Number: +1 (970) 689-3282
  • Address: 2032 Lowe St., Suite #202, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA
  • Specialization: General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants

6. Northern Colorado Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Northern Colorado Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery logo.

Northern Colorado Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, led by Dr. Odes Bailey Robertson, DDS, stands out in Fort Collins for its expertise in oral and maxillofacial surgery, particularly in implantology. Dr. Robertson, with his extensive background, including service in the United States Air Force and a fellowship in facial cosmetic surgery, also brings a wealth of experience to the practice. 

To this end, the clinic is equipped to perform a comprehensive range of procedures, such as dental implant surgery, wisdom tooth extraction, and corrective jaw surgery, using advanced equipment and techniques to ensure patient comfort and effective outcomes.

  • Email Address: N/A
  • Website: https://www.nocooms.com/
  • Phone Number: +1 (970) 221-4633
  • Address: 1008 Centre Avenue Suite B, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA
  • Specialization: Bone Grafting, Facial Trauma, Oral Pathology

7. The Fort Collins Dentist

The Fort Collins Dentist logo.

The Fort Collins Dentist, under the leadership of Dr. Allison Lesko and Dr. Emily Riesgraf, delivers a broad spectrum of oral solutions, emphasizing cosmetic dentistry and regenerative procedures. Other than this, the practice is recognized for its thorough approach to dental implants, accommodating both individual and multiple tooth replacements and employing advanced 3D Cone Beam scanning technology for accurate implant placement. 

Additionally, The Fort Collins Dentist has introduced the Passport Program. This is an affordable option for patients lacking insurance, which covers routine dental exams, cleanings, and other preventive treatments for a fixed annual fee.

  • Email Address: N/A
  • Website: https://www.thefortcollins.dentist/
  • Phone Number: +1 (970) 221-5115
  • Address: 2001 S Shields St Bldg L, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA
  • Specialization: Botox and Facial Esthetics, Sedation Dentistry, Sleep Apnea Treatment

8. Creekside Dentistry of Fort Collins

Creekside Dentistry of Fort Collins logo.

Led by  Dr. Erik Watz, Creekside Dentistry practices a full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry with expertise ranging from implants to bridges. The clinic is well-equipped with the latest dental technologies and is committed to providing personalized and gentle care. 

They prioritize patient convenience, offering extended office hours on select days, timely appointment reminders, and prompt responses to calls. To ensure their services are accessible to a diverse range of patients, Creekside Dentistry provides various payment options and accepts multiple dental insurance plans, including Delta Dental, Guardian, and Metlife. 

  • Email Address: N/A
  • Website: https://www.creeksidedentistryfc.com/
  • Phone Number: +1 (970) 493-5120
  • Address: 2001 S. Shields St. Bldg E200, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA
  • Specialization: Preventative Care, Restorative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry

9. Ulibarri Family Dentistry

Ulibarri Family Dentistry logo.

Ulibarri Family Dentistry offers general, cosmetic, and sedation dentistry, with a notable focus on implantology for missing teeth. The practice is distinguished by its use of advanced dental technologies, including digital X-rays, CT Scan/3D Imaging, Intraoral cameras, CO2 Laser, Itero Digital Impressions, LANAP Laser, and Velscope Cancer Screening, which contribute to the effectiveness of their treatments. 

To accommodate a diverse patient base, they also provide various payment and financing options, such as CareCredit. Simply, Ulibarri Family Dentistry prioritizes personalized care, focusing on patient comfort and an anxiety-free experience during procedures.

  • Email Address: N/A
  • Website: https://www.dentistoffortcollins.com/
  • Phone Number: +1 (970) 674-7091
  • Address: 4745 E Boardwalk Dr. C-2, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, USA
  • Specialization: Sedation Dentistry, TMD/TMJ Treatment, Orthodontics

10. Northern Colorado Dental Specialty and Implant Center

Northern Colorado Dental Specialty and Implant Center logo.

Northern Colorado Dental Specialty and Implant Center, which focuses on prosthodontics and implant dentistry, is operated by Dr. Justin K. Liddle, DMD, and Dr. Isra Ahmed, DDS. The practice provides a wide array of services, such as dental implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, partials, dentures, full-mouth reconstructions, and All-on-4 implants.  

A distinctive feature of the center is its in-house dental lab, which facilitates immediate feedback and rapid completion of dental repairs and relines, significantly reducing patient downtime. The lab is adept at managing complex cases, catering to a broad range of dental needs.

  • Email Address: info@nocoprosth.com
  • Website: https://nocoprosth.com/
  • Phone Number: +1 (970) 825-0000
  • Address: 1221 E Elizabeth St, Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA
  • Specialization: Porcelain Crowns, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Cosmetic Enhancement

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Practice for Dental Implants

When it comes to selecting the right dental practice for implants in Fort Collins, there are several key factors to consider. Making an informed decision can significantly impact the success of your treatment and your overall satisfaction. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a clinic:

Expertise and Qualifications

  • Dentist’s credentials: Look for a practice where the dentists are board-certified in oral surgery or periodontics.
  • Specialization: Ensure the practice specializes in dental implants and has a track record of successful procedures.

Technology and Facilities

  • Advanced equipment: Check if the practice uses state-of-the-art technology like 3-D imaging for precise implant placement.
  • Clean and modern facility: A well-maintained clinic reflects the practice’s commitment to quality care.

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

  • Positive feedback: Read reviews and testimonials to gauge patient satisfaction.
  • Before and after photos: Request to see examples of previous implant procedures.

Personal Comfort

  • Consultation experience: Pay attention to how comfortable you feel during the consultation.
  • Staff friendliness: The demeanor of the staff can significantly affect your overall experience.

Cost and Financing Options

  • Transparent pricing: Look for a practice that provides clear information about the costs.
  • Insurance and payment plans: Ensure they offer flexible payment options or accept your insurance.

Location and Accessibility

  • Proximity to home/work: Choose a conveniently located clinic to make visits easier.
  • Parking and accessibility: Consider the ease of parking and accessibility.

Aftercare and Follow-up

  • Post-procedure care: Inquire about the follow-up care and support after the procedure.
  • Emergency services: Check if they offer emergency services in case of complications.

Final Thoughts

Fort Collins, Colorado, boasts an impressive array of clinics specializing in dental implants, each offering unique strengths and services. From state-of-the-art technology and experienced professionals to patient-centered care and a variety of treatment options, these 10 clinics represent the best of what Fort Collins has to offer in dental implantology.